Let The Light In.

Custom Skylight Installation, Replacement & Repair. Serving the East Bay, CA.
Skylights are an important investment for your home:

Efficiency – Optimizing natural daylight, an unlimited resource, helps to reduce energy costs and consumption, and cuts down your demand for unsustainable electrical power.

Ventilation – Operable skylights provide ventilation and cooling throughout your home, using the exhaust effect of drawing warm air up and out.

Privacy – In rooms where lighting is needed but windows are not an option, skylights provide privacy, lighting and ventilation, extremely important in bathrooms.

Optimal Daylight – As we age, we require two to three times more light to see clearly. Natural overhead light helps to reduce glare, balance lighting in a room and transform dark areas into open, useable space.


Moving away from the unnatural glow of conventional bulbs, healthy daylight uses the power of the sun to create passive, natural lighting in areas of your home that may be under utilized because they are dark. Tubular skylights can transform laundry areas, hallways and closets without the flick of a switch.